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       Pressure Sensor

  • Gauge & Absolute Pressure Sensor Dice; 5.8, 15, 30, 60, 100, 300, 800, 1200 PSI
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UniSense Microsystems Technology Co., Ltd. is a fab-less MEMS product company. The company provides superior designs in the many types of sensing devices including pressure, temperature, humidity and other physical sensors.  UniSense also offers Integrated Sensors which put the sensor, signal conditioning and control ASIC in one SIP (System-in-package) package. The Integrated Sensors are easy to use, accurate and cost effective.

The applications of UniSense Sensors include:
Medical devices:  such as blood pressure gauge, oxygen tank gauge, etc.
IT devices: such as notebook computers, projectors, disk drives, etc.
Consumer Electronics: such as cell phone, GPS, electronic compass, weather station, etc.
Automotive Sensors: such as tire pressure sensor, MAP and BAP, etc.

UniSense has established strong manufacturing infrastructure right in the center of Asian supply chain clusters.  Through its alliance with leading MEMS wafer foundries and major IC assembly houses, UniSense offers its products in the highest quality and the most effective mass production cost.  

UniSense’ team has deep expertise in the MEMS technology.  Many of them have been involved in the fields for more than 10 to 20 years.  UniSense’ vision is to provide accurate, smart sensor modules to our customers and to build products that help everyone living in a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.

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